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Happy Thanksgiving! Geez Dave - that is some turkey! 42" 26lb 11/21 Andrew gets his second keeper!! The kid is on a roll.
11/20 Andrew gets his first ever keeper! Not bad for a six year old. With a little help from good old dad of course. 11/18 Robert, Lai and Hung have a great day. 6 fish 4-7 pounds. 11/15 Ning scores big with this 35" 12lb while fishing out front of Eddo's.
11/2 Larry gets his 1st keeper Sturgeon. 52" 9/24 Mary hooks into this fantastic salmon! 9/11 Kelly brings a nice striper home for dinner.
9/4 Cody shows that he's still got the family touch! 9/2 Offered without comment. Minda has been having a much better year than hubby Doug. 8/28 Miguel also proves stripers can get had in the summer months!